PADDLE AGAINST THE FLOW: Lessons On Life From Doers, Creators, And Cultural Rebels / by adriana monsalve

I've been lost in time since it arrived.  This book is packed full of essential advice and motivation for the creative. Get your hands on this book and hold on tight until you've soaked up all this advice drenched in trail and error, courage, wisdom, failure, mistakes, fearlessness, and rule breaking.  Thank you Huck Magazine for creating something I needed. Congrats on your first book; timely and so necessary.  

an excerpt from Huck's publisher, Vince Medeiros:

“This book is dedicated to the millions out there who have thrown out the rulebook, defied authority, and challenged “the way things are” to dream and to try and make something different. The Huck Finns, Mos Defs, Spike Jonzes, Kim Gordons, Patti Smiths, Thoreaus, Zapatas, and Snowdens of the world. Everyone, really, who looked at the structure – restrictive, oppressive and full of shit – and thought, “Fuck this,” and instead chose to make it happen for themselves, refusing to be civilised while carving their own path to expression – and, ultimately, to freedom.

Have you ever paddled against the flow?

If so, this book’s for you.”