I am currently based en La Frontera.  I am covering stories on the border through layers of the in-between.  I am immersed in ideas that revolve around racial, gender, and cultural identity and the intersection of all three.  Right now, home is on the US side of the TX/MEX border in a city called, Laredo. 

I am an adjunct professor of Photojournalism at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU).  If your on the border, take my class/es !

foto by: Tawny Alipoon

foto by: Tawny Alipoon

I’m a storyteller and visual communicator that produces in-depth stories on identity through the nuances in between. As a daughter of immigrants from the Caribbean Republic of Colombia, I have struggled with the concept of 'home.' As immigrants, we are everywhere and we have to belong somewhere so we’ve made habitats for ourselves in pocket towns of people like us.  I’m documenting to show you something I’ve found and ultimately, something I am.  I’m documenting so you know I was here.

I am an artist, an educator, a black girl, brown girl, white girl, afro-caribe, berraquera, queer, nepantlera, fronteriza, homie..  I am growing into the many things that were made for me.