I have recently relocated and am now based in the DMV. I long for the lawlessness of fronteriza life, but i carry it with me always. To see my frontera work, check it here. 

I am currently concentrating my energies on Caterina + I's beibi, HOMIE HOUSE PRESS.  I am immersed in conversations that revolve around racial, gender, social, and cultural identity and their intersections. I am celebrating groups left of center. I am holding space with us and them in hopes of unifying a marginalized group of story tellers for the revolution. Right now, home is in QTPOC / accessible art spaces. 

most recent self portrait  Laredo, TX. 2017.

most recent self portrait
Laredo, TX. 2017.

I’m a storyteller and visual communicator that produces in-depth stories on identity through the nuances in between. As a daughter of immigrants from the Caribbean Republic of Colombia, I have struggled with the concept of 'home.' As immigrants, we are everywhere and we have to belong somewhere so we’ve made habitats for ourselves in pocket towns of people like us.  I’m documenting to show you something I’ve found and ultimately, something I am.  I’m documenting so you know I was here.

I am an artist, book maker, and educator.. but i am still reclaiming space. I am growing into the many things that were made for me.