El Grito / by adriana monsalve

This past week was Mexico's Independence day.  September 16 is the anniversary of the Cry of Dolores aka El Grito.  Downtown Laredo gets so hype !  You really see the merging of two cities as everyone is celebrating the independence of another country that we are technically not in.  But you forget cuz the hype is so real and at the end of the night I have to remember again where it is I live.. I'm still in the USA although it may feel so far away.  

That's life on the margins.  Thats kinda what happens when you live on the edges.  There is this idea that when you stand at the edge of something you can see it as a whole more clearly as opposed to standing in center of it.  This is definitely up for debate, and I find myself on both side of the discussion.  But, there is definitely something to be said about that space, about the intersection of things.  I don't do to well with boundaries but I love the intersection. And international borders are part of that.  And maybe parts of that statement are true.. That when you stand at the intersection of US/MEX you can see both sides more clearly than you can at the center of either one.  I see it, because thats just it isn't it ? This country is not what Trump says it is.  Brown is everywhere and People of Colour are not going anywhere and theres just gonna be more and more of us.  So yeah, when I stand on the edge of this country, so close to the other side that I can see it by turning my head... I forget that it's another nation, because we are sharing the same space and I forget theres a border, cuz for one night I live in Mexico.  

My bad for not posting last week, I'll post again this week to make up ^_^
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