RUNAWAYS / by adriana monsalve

I collect runaways.  I started a couple years ago.  No matter where I find myself in the world I can always work on this project because runaways are everywhere.  I think most of us are running, some of us more than others, some of us more literally than others, but we are running.. wether we are chasing or escaping... seems to matter little.. because the effect is the same: we run.  

an excerpt from my piece on Runaways. 

The project that started my project, the brilliant: Jim Goldberg's Raised By Wolves
To see my project on runaways, go here: RUNAWAYS

I'll be adding the runaways I've been collecting little by little to the project.  The goal is to get to 100, and then I'll think about making a book.  Or maybe it should be 101.. I wanna add my story too.

The story that goes with the images above.. is in the process of being made.  I am working with the lovely subject of these images: jamila silvera, to put it together.  I'll add it to the actual project page in a couple weeks.  I'll let you know when I do.  But for now..  

a runaway tune..