DELTA SPIRIT / by adriana monsalve

I don't know what to say about them.  They were/maybe still are my favorite band.  The first time I heard them I didn't know, cuz I went to see ColdWarKids at a dirty kid dive bar in Chicago, and they were opening for them.  I love CWK but their energy on stage  couldn't match the openers... I mean, don't get me wrong, CWK were amazing performers and I still STAN for them.. but it's very clear who does a better live set.  Since 2006, that first time that I accidentally heard them, I was all in.. so committed.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen them live, and I would still be going to their shows if they were doing them. The members of the band have moved around a lot.  They started out as a Southern Cali band - then they moved to Brooklyn - then they separately moved to different places.  Matthew Logan Vasquez, the lead singer / song writer of the band moved to Texas. He's been writing for himself and doing more acoustic stuff, and he's still just as brilliant.  I didn't move here for him, although it was lovely to see him perform a solo set in January, in Austin TX.  He talked about being a chicano and more so, talked about his niche identity of Chicano / Jew.  There were probably like 15 people at the show, but I was too happy to do anything but listen and cry (lets be honest).  His artistry and chemistry are just... wow like, an adrenaline rush to the head. Like you know you are in the presence of some real legendary super human magic.  I love every performance I've ever seen of DS and now MLV.  The following images are from a 2010 (?) show in ...Washington DC i think (?) but it very possibly could have been Baltimore.  Wherever it was I apparently was in the front row!  You already know, fam !  Anyways, this is one of the many times I've known pure joy overflowing because of Delta Spirit.  

Shot on my  Contax T2  ! aka dabombs.coms

Shot on my Contax T2 ! aka dabombs.coms