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I’ve heard it said that the Hawaiian language has a word for the in- between stages of growing, living, being, and dying. It’s Mahul. I am familiar with this term but through the xicana lens, its called nepantla. These words encompass the necessary space that we fall into when we are pushed and pulled in more than one direction for long periods of time. The in-between is a space of immense tension equal only to its growth. You may pass through nepantla once in your life, or you may find yourself in it often. There are some, who call themselves nepantlerxs, as they never seem to pull through entirely.. they are continuously grappling with the in- between of all that they are. Nepantla is parallel to fronteras (borders) in that, it is an action of going back and forth and not fully being one thing. Fronteras are meant to guard one from another, but when you are a frontera you are a third entity. You are what happens when two things surge. You are the juncture, you are nepantla, you are something all together new.
— Adriana Monsalve, First Fronteras

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